Nadra NICOP Fee Structure Update October 2023

Nadra NICOP Fee Structure Update October 2023

The National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis, or NICOP, is a form of identification for the Pakistani diaspora living abroad.

In other countries, Pakistani citizens can apply for a NICOP card and travel to other cities without a visa. A passport number is required if an infant is applying for NICOP and was born abroad.

Applying Method for NICOP

Pakistani people can apply through the NICOP Card at the Nadra office. Below are the steps you can follow and apply for a NICOP card.

  • First, you can go to your nearest Nadra Registration Center.
  • Find the place where you get the token.
  • Then Nadra will take you to a photographer.
  • Your signature and Fingerprints are done on the counter.
  • Your necessary data entry will be completed, and a printed copy of the form will be sent for your perusal.
  • Then you can hand over the version of your application form that is printed.
  • Then you can submit your NRC after you have had a gazetted officer certify it.
  • If any of your blood relatives (father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter) are present when you apply at the NRC, their biometrics can be taken instead of the form’s attestation.

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Check the Zone 1 and Zone 2 fees below:

Zone 1

Categories (Zone A)NormalUrgentExecutive
New Smart NICOP$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Modification$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Duplicate$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Renewal$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)

Zone 2

Categories (Zone B)NormalUrgentExecutive
New Smart NICOP$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Modification$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Duplicate$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Renewal$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)