Core Team

Arvind Waghela; NLUJ; Ajnabi

Arvind Waghela: He is a Law student and currently managing The Paro; He is passionate about Digital Media and Have an interest in Current Affairs. The Paro is an initiative of GuysApp Inc to deliver unbiased and informative information to people; he is Co-founder of GuysApp Inc. Apart from studies and digital world, Arvind likes to read/write poetry. You can contact him on

You can contact him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email at arvind[at]paronews[dot]com



Ranjeet Chouhan: He is a Techno Geek, Coder, Entrepreneur…; Ranjeet is Co-founder of the GuysApp Inc and currently working on his start-ups, He used to call himself as a Frustrated student of Engineering. His leadership quality and dedication towards Digital Revolution is enough to bring the change in Indian Society.

You can contact him on Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail at Ranu[at]paronews[dot]com


Prashant Porwal

Prashant Porwal: He is a Technology student an Evid learner and growing poet. He writes about Entertainment, Trending topics and his overall favourite Cricket. He mainly focuses on the quality of the articles being written and published on the site. He is handling content work at THE PARO. 

You can contact him on Facebook or Email at papu[at]paronews[dot]com



Abhishek Choudhary

Abhishek Choudhary: He is currently pursuing his career in computer science from III-T Gwalior. He is very good at Maths and Watching Movies. On The PARO he is taking care of Technology and Gadgets News and information which is changing world day by day. He loves to share his knowledge of Tech and Science.

You can contact him on Facebook or Email at Abhishek[at]paronews[dot]com